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Introducing OGs Blunts-N-Stunts V2 Shade, having a black frame with small red dots and a purple revo lens, the ultimate eyewear for those who crave adventure and style! These sunglasses are designed to keep your eyes protected while you're out exploring the great outdoors. They are made from high-quality, lightweight materials that are both durable and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

The lenses of OGs Blunts-N-Stunts Shades are polarized, which means they reduce glare and provide crystal-clear vision in bright conditions. The wraparound design of the shades ensures that they stay securely on your face, even during the most ridiculous activities.

One of the most notable features of OGs Blunts-N-Stunts Shades is their unique shape, which provides full coverage around the eyes and offers maximum protection from the sun's harmful rays. The adjustable temples of the shades mean you can customize the fit to your head size and shape, ensuring that they stay in place, especially on bicycle and mountain bike rides.

In addition to their functional features, OGs Blunts-N-Stunts Shades are also a stylish accessory that will complete any outdoor outfit. They come in a range of colors and designs, so you can find the perfect pair to suit your personal style.

So whether you're hitting the slopes, going for a hike, or just soaking up the sun on the beach, OGs Blunts-N-Stunts Shades are the perfect eyewear choice. They offer protection, style, and functionality all in one package, making them a must-have for any adventurer.

Revolutionize your motocross experience with the Visio Pro Series – the epitome of innovation and versatility. As one of the market's most groundbreaking goggles, the Visio Pro isn't just eyewear; it's a game-changer. Easily remove the foam ring, lens, and nose guard, ensuring adaptability in a few simple steps. Bid farewell to constantly purchasing new goggles – with separate availability of foam rings and lenses, the Visio Pro redefines sustainability in motocross gear. The real showstopper? An attachable roll-off-lens system, transforming your goggles with a mere lens change, efficiently giving you two pairs in one. However, heed this: the Visio Pro designs are strictly limited and won't be produced again. Act swiftly to secure this groundbreaking upgrade to your motocross and offroad kit. Game Changer Ahead!

Product Details:
- Comes with a glossy orange, blue frame, with pattern designed strap
- Three-layer, flexible, replaceable face foam fleece that wicks away sweat
- Centered thick silicone strap for a secure fit
- Anti-fog, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant
- Hardened, thick, pre-curved blue Revo lens
- 2 fasteners to secure the lens in the frame
- Each goggle is supplied in its own fabric bag
- Strap with print or 3D logo embroidery
- Removable nose guard
- Option to adapt roll-off lens
- UV400