Aquarius - VISIO PRO

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Revolutionize your motocross experience with the Visio Pro Series – the epitome of innovation and versatility. As one of the market's most groundbreaking goggles, the Visio Pro isn't just eyewear; it's a game-changer. Easily remove the foam ring, lens, and nose guard, ensuring adaptability in a few simple steps. Bid farewell to constantly purchasing new goggles – with separate availability of foam rings and lenses, the Visio Pro redefines sustainability in motocross gear. The real showstopper? An attachable roll-off-lens system, transforming your goggles with a mere lens change, efficiently giving you two pairs in one. However, heed this: the Visio Pro designs are strictly limited and won't be produced again. Act swiftly to secure this groundbreaking upgrade to your motocross and offroad kit. Game Changer Ahead!

Product Details:
- Comes with a glossy orange, blue frame, with pattern designed strap
- Three-layer, flexible, replaceable face foam fleece that wicks away sweat
- Centered thick silicone strap for a secure fit
- Anti-fog, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant
- Hardened, thick, pre-curved blue Revo lens
- 2 fasteners to secure the lens in the frame
- Each goggle is supplied in its own fabric bag
- Strap with print or 3D logo embroidery
- Removable nose guard
- Option to adapt roll-off lens
- UV400

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